MIA Story
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Breathing is our first ever instinctive action, we do the most natural thing in the day, in fact, more than 17,000 times! Clean, fresh air on the quality of our health and our homes is essential.
On a cold November day, thirty years ago, Japan was fairly developed industrial town of Saitama, our founder Ishibashi Mitsu husband realized that there was a growing problem lurking in our homes - bad indoor air.
He invented a simple ventilation system to eliminate room ventilation problems, bring some fresh filtered air into our homes with mechanical ventilation.
Because it happened many years ago, and now, we provide good indoor air quality of passion is as strong as we've grown up, it is now part of the world's largest organization of ventilation.
We have a professional and friendly and fresh air solutions division in the side, to solve your indoor air quality, our enthusiasm and direct employment nationwide installation teams will ensure proper installation of ventilation solutions to meet the unique needs of your family.
Our philosophy of manufacturing sustainable products that will last a lifetime, with a minimum of energy is the same: We are committed to improving our environment, ten replacement service in the world to create and maintain employment. Never allow any piece of unqualified products leave our factory Mia, oath for customers to create the greatest value in use of high-quality products.

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